Festival Des Grottes

Festival Des Grottes

17 Jul 18:15 - 22 Jul 02:00 - Dondon


The Dondon Annual Festival is part of the initiative of ODID in the development of the town of Dondon, Haiti.
The 5th annual Festival des Grottes is promising to be the biggest of our Ecotourism festivals to date. The 2018 event is attracting interest at a national and International at a scale not yet seen to date....This year will feature the best, the historic music groups of the North.
Enjoy the all the genres of Haitian music at our popular concerts: Compas, Rap Creole, Raboday, Racine and Gospel music.

This is your opportunity to visit the National Historic Parc- Citadelle, sites des Ramiers , and Sans Souci Palace; and catch a wave at the beautiful beaches of the North.
Visit the splendid caves of Dondon, in particular, the "Voute a Minguet", sacred temple of the Indian Tainos.

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